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About our teachers at Yoga House

Lisa O’Driscoll

Owner/Director of the Yoga House

In the 1980’s I had the privilege of watching my Mom deal with an illness by embarking on her own healing journey. I was just a teenager when I watched her change her diet and exercise routine, and improve her lifestyle. As a result, she became a healthier, more positive, confident woman, and I knew that I wanted that for myself. Needless to say, my yoga journey began with her, and with her encouragement I became a certified Hatha Yoga instructor in 2001.

Over the past 20 years, I have spent thousands of hours on my mat learning from wonderful teachers in both one-on-one settings and in workshops. I have come to understand that yoga is a lifelong journey of learning about the Self. As a result, my yoga journey is influenced by the lessons I learn from my family and children, the students who come to my classes, my own physical practice and my meditation practice. My personal experience is threaded into my teaching and my students tell me that my hands-on approach is gentle, encouraging and lighthearted. You will always find a little laughter in my class. My focus is to support others to discover and release patterns of stress and tension, and to find more ease and joy through breathwork and movement. I look forward to sharing my passion for yoga with you!

My yoga teaching studies began in 1998. This was a 2 year (500 hour +) Yoga Teacher Training certification at the Helen Duquette Yoga Studio in Streetsville, Ontario. I am a certified Yoga Ed™ instructor (K-8), received an additional 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training, Restorative Yoga Training, Yoga Nidra Training and Yin Yoga training.  I am also a Reiki Mastery. I am very grateful to my mom and all of my teachers past and present, especially Elissa Gallander and Helen Duquette.

Pam Brodie

“If you can breathe, you can do yoga”

I have dedicated myself to the practice of yoga since discovering its joys and benefits in 1995. I began practicing to help handle the pressures of a high stress job as a healthcare communicator and fundraiser and for my own fitness and wellbeing. I felt invigorated yet relaxed after my first class and I was sold on its benefits. Through my practice I developed greater emotional balance, physical strength and spirituality. All of these benefits inspired me to become a yoga instructor.

Since my teacher training in 2011, I have focused my study and teaching style on traditional hatha, restorative yoga and gentle yoga. You can expect classes that are safe and enjoyable, yet effective for all levels of practitioners. I hope to help you gain confidence and awareness of your body and mind. I believe that yoga changes lives, and is the secret to living a balanced, happy, and healthy life.

I completed my teacher training (200 RT) in Toronto, Ontario in 2011. Before moving to the Georgian Bay area permanently, I taught in various locations in Toronto as well as teaching privately. One of my favourite teaching opportunities is yearly volunteer teaching at Camp Erin (a youth grief camp), Camp Ochigaes (a camp for children with cancer) and Camp Kindness (a family & children’s grief camp).

Sonia Kadela

Throughout my career in public education, I have turned to my yoga practice for stress-relief and grounding.  Now, in semi-retirement, and with my yoga teaching certification, I relish the strength and mobility that is achieved through the asanas (postures) as well as the equilibrium and sense of well-being experienced through pranayama (breathwork) and meditation.

I look forward to sharing these with you as I lead you through your yoga practice.

Cindy Hastings

I initially began attending yoga classes in my thirties as a form of exercise. I soon realized that a regular practice benefited not only my physical body but also improved my concentration and grounded me emotionally through some stressful life events. When I moved back to the area in 2010, I was very blessed to find Lisa and the Yoga House family and have been with them ever since.

I am very passionate about helping people and served my community as a municipal councillor for eight years. When I left politics, I wanted to continue to give back, so I pursued my dream of becoming a yoga instructor. On this next stage of my journey, I hope to use what I have learned as a yoga instructor and through my years of practice to help others live their very best lives.


Melissa Mitchell

I discovered sound therapy as a powerful modality that helped me with recovery from PTSD and nervous system dysregulation. Yoga was also a big part of my healing journey and I completed my 200 hr Yoga teacher training in Guatemala in 2019. I received certification in Sound therapy from the Institute of Traditional Medicine in 2021. I’m also a certified Reflexologist and level 2 Reiki practitioner.

Since retiring from a career in Special Education, Sound therapy has become a passion I enjoy offering to others. The conscious use of frequency and vibration with a variety of sacred instruments in a “sound bath” promotes a slowing down of brain waves, parasympathetic nervous system activation (rest, digest, restore) and full body relaxation. I look forward to offering you a sound bath to facilitate your own personal sense of restoration and well being.