Lisa O’Driscoll

Owner/Director of the Yoga House

In the 1980’s I had the privilege of watching my Mom deal with an illness by embarking on her own healing journey. I was just a teenager when I watched her change her diet and exercise routine, and improve her lifestyle. As a result, she became a healthier, more positive, confident woman, and I knew that I wanted that for myself. Needless to say, my yoga journey began with her, and with her encouragement I became a certified Hatha Yoga instructor in 2001.

Over the past 20 years, I have spent thousands of hours on my mat learning from wonderful teachers in both one-on-one settings and in workshops. I have come to understand that yoga is a lifelong journey of learning about the Self. As a result, my yoga journey is influenced by the lessons I learn from my family and children, the students who come to my classes, my own physical practice and my meditation practice. My personal experience is threaded into my teaching and my students tell me that my hands-on approach is gentle, encouraging and lighthearted. You will always find a little laughter in my class. My focus is to support others to discover and release patterns of stress and tension, and to find more ease and joy through breathwork and movement. I look forward to sharing my passion for yoga with you!

My yoga teaching studies began in 1998. This was a 2 year (500 hour +) Yoga Teacher Training certification at the Helen Duquette Yoga Studio in Streetsville, Ontario. I am a certified Yoga Ed™ instructor (K-8), received an additional 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training, Restorative Yoga Training, Yoga Nidra Training and Yin Yoga training.  I am also a Reiki Mastery. I am very grateful to my mom and all of my teachers past and present, especially Elissa Gallander and Helen Duquette.

Jennifer Barth

I am a gifted healer and trust my intuition; and I welcome you to walk your path with confidence. During my time in seclusion, by Georgian Bay, I began to open up to my light and personal power. I began to remove the masks and walls from around myself, and soon discovered my unique voice; thanks to the many teachers along my path. With their guidance I started a home practice consisting of Meditation, Self-Inquiry, and Yoga, nearly a decade ago, which helped me to understand my, my journey and my soul's purpose. As a Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master-Teacher, and Meditation Instructor, I will help you step into your power and light with confidence and inner wellness.

You can expect to be greeted with soothing energy; and to be enlightened on your yoga mat. My intention is to help you build confidence and inspire you to step into your light, personal power and your soul's purpose. Expect to have your life transformed. I look forward to growing and learning with you, and cannot wait to empower you to live a life of confidence and purpose.

In 2016, I became a certified yoga instructor after a 200-Hour Teacher Training in Gravenhurst. I studied Baptiste Methodology under Jack Boken and Hanna Von Hafenbradl, of Happy Jack Yoga. In 2016, I earned 15 additional teacher training hours and I began studying Usui Reik and after two years of intensive study and practice, I became a certified Reiki Master-Teacher. I completed my Meditation Instructor in September of 2019, after studying under Mandy Trapp of Lifestyle Meditation.

Nova Boucher

Regular Yoga practice has been a part of my life for over 8 years. But from the moment I pulled my legs up into shoulder stand that first class; it felt familiar, and I was propelled back into my childhood. To a time of doing “stretching and exercise” with my mom on our living room floor; giggling, happy and carefree. It was at that moment that I realized that Yoga had always been a part of my journey, and I knew it was meant to remain so. Perhaps to be explored even further.

For my classes, I enjoy creating reflective, slower-paced, yet optionally challenging asana practices combined with soothing music, and deep relaxation that will have you feeling strong, balanced and rejuvenated at the end of each session. My personal Yoga practice has helped me to grow stronger, more flexible, and more courageous both on and off the mat, and I strive to provide all of my students with the same wonderful abilities.

In 2015, I completed my 300Hr Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher Training through Aura Wellness Centre. In 2016, after 18 years of service, I moved on from my corporate career to pursue a more balanced, calm and true-to-self life. Taking a leap of faith and deciding to teach others the amazing benefits of Yoga full time.

Pam Brodie

“If you can breathe, you can do yoga”

I have dedicated myself to the practice of yoga since discovering its joys and benefits in 1995. I began practicing to help handle the pressures of a high stress job as a healthcare communicator and fundraiser and for my own fitness and wellbeing. I felt invigorated yet relaxed after my first class and I was sold on its benefits. Through my practice I developed greater emotional balance, physical strength and spirituality. All of these benefits inspired me to become a yoga instructor.

Since my teacher training in 2011, I have focused my study and teaching style on traditional hatha, restorative yoga and gentle yoga. You can expect classes that are safe and enjoyable, yet effective for all levels of practitioners. I hope to help you gain confidence and awareness of your body and mind. I believe that yoga changes lives, and is the secret to living a balanced, happy, and healthy life.

I completed my teacher training (200 RT) in Toronto, Ontario in 2011. Before moving to the Georgian Bay area permanently, I taught in various locations in Toronto as well as teaching privately. One of my favourite teaching opportunities is yearly volunteer teaching at Camp Erin (a youth grief camp), Camp Ochigaes (a camp for children with cancer) and Camp Kindness (a family & children’s grief camp).

Laura Ellis

I first started practicing Yoga in about 1990 via a Parks and Rec program in Etobicoke. I was incredibly fortunate to have started with a gifted teacher who shared the fullness of what Yoga can actually be, beyond just the physical practice and I knew from my very first class that I had found “my thing”. I was ready to commit to becoming a Yoga Teacher in the early 90’s, but life happened, and that aspiration went on the backburner. Over the years, I have had the good fortune to learn from many different teachers in several styles. Classical Yoga is where my roots lie and it has helped to improve every aspect of my life: mind, body, emotion and spirit.

It is my sincere desire to share my love of Yoga in a way that is accessible and inclusive, so that anyone who feels drawn to try Yoga feels welcome and comfortable. At Yoga House, I offer Chair-Assisted/Seated Yoga. I provide modifications and alternatives to poses and encourage the use of props (as needed) to ensure that everyone is able to participate as fully and effectively as possible. In class we will learn how to use the breath on its own and in conjunction with the physical poses. And we will have fun.

In May 2018, about 25 years after I first considered it, I attained my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training certificate from Michelle’s Yoga and Therapies in Tiny. In May of 2019, I received my Chair Yoga Teaching certificate from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Toronto. I am a strong believer in Continuing Education so in addition to my home practice, I continue to attend classes and workshops both at the Yoga House and elsewhere. Improving my understanding of Yoga philosophy as well as continuing my personal practice is a lifelong journey that I look forward to sharing with you.

Leslie Hilderly

I came to yoga with joint issues inhibiting me from doing the sports I'd always enjoyed. I “tried” yoga in my late 40's for the physical exercise. Coming from a competitive sports background it was initially a struggle to leave my ego off the mat, to really listen. Yoga actually found me when I needed it most. During some huge life changes and challenges, regular yoga practice brought me an understanding and a new connection to myself and those around me. Bringing balance and authenticity to my everyday life, yoga gave me the confidence to walk away from the business world and know my own potential.

Blessed to be able to teach, I am thankful for the many like-minded supportive people I have found through my extended yoga communities. Yoga is for everyone- truest statement ever- and the more we share it with joyful intention to the world, the better for us all. My personal journey is just beginning, and has no clear destination but the joy and gratitude I feel every day is confirmation that I have chosen the right road.

I obtained my 200hr Registered Vinyasa Yoga Instructor certification, with some Hatha instruction, in Ajax, Ont. , I then operated a small studio in my home. A gypsy and a traveller, I continue to expand my personal practice learning from instructors of all disciplines around the world and exploring different styles to bring to my classes.

Mary Rothwell

Bio coming soon...