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FAQs for The Yoga House Penetang


We are so excited that you are thinking about exploring the path of yoga!

Regardless of why you may be interested in beginning your yoga journey, we are confident you will find what you need at the Yoga House.

Try out 3 weeks of unlimited yoga for only $56.00!

(available to new students of the Yoga House and residents of the area, multiple sign ups are not allowed.


We are here to help you get started, support and inspire your practice and grow with you. This section provides some information designed to answer questions that you may have about beginning a yoga practice. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Studio etiquette

  • Arrive 10 – 15 minutes early to allow time to sign-in and prepare for your class. Out of respect for others, if you are arriving more than 5 minutes late please try to attend another class. If you are arriving late, please unroll your mat prior to entering the studio, unzip coats etc. so noise is limited. If you are aware that initial centering practice is taking place, please wait until it is finished.

  • Quiet discussion in the studio before and after class is permitted. However, we encourage our students to be mindful of your voice level and making excess noise. Be mindful of those already in the studio who may be resting/relaxing.

  • Yoga is practiced in bare feet. Please remove outdoor shoes when you enter the studio. This helps us keep the space clean and barefoot-friendly for everyone. If you have a foot condition that requires you not to go barefoot for any reason, please cover it with a bandaid or tape & gauze, or let your teacher know and we can make an exception for you to practice in socks.

  • For hygienic reasons it is strongly suggested that students bring their own mat. If you forget your mat, you can borrow one from the studio. If borrowing a mat please spray and wipe it down after use. The Yoga House also sells mats.

  • If using studio props such as blankets, blocks, and straps please return them to the shelves in the way that you found them. Blankets should be folded properly so they are ready for the next person to use.

  • Please respect those of us with sensitivities to scent by not wearing perfume, cologne, or scented hair and body products to class.

  • We are a cell phone free zone. Absolutely no cellphones in class! Cellphones must be left in the lobby area and switched onto SILENT or airplane mode during class. If your phone vibrates upon receiving a message, please turn this feature off or put it in airplane mode.

  • If you have to leave class early, let your teacher know before class begins and place your mat close to the door so that when you leave quietly, you do not disrupt others. Do not leave during Savasana as this can be disruptive. Leave your props where they are rather than walking to return props while the class is resting. The teacher will happily pick up your props and put them away after you have left and the class is finished.

  • Please wait until everyone is finished final relaxation and the teacher has completely finished the class prior to leaving.

  • Only water in a reusable bottle in the studio please. Tea, coffee, other beverages, or disposable cups are not permitted in the studio.

  • If you are sick, have symptoms of a cold, or feel as though you might be coming down with an illness, please stay at home and rest to avoid passing germs to others.

  • We do encourage connection and talking to your fellow yogis, but please don't chat with your neighbors while the class in progress, unless directed by the teacher or to ask for clarification. Chatting disturbs other students and the teacher too!

Some questions you may have:

Our studio welcomes all students, regardless of your yoga experience or fitness level. Try one of our Foundation classes or a Gentle Class to get started.

Wear light, comfortable, loose fitting clothing, yoga or exercise leggings, t-shirt or comfortable tops. No jeans, no belts, no socks during the practice. If you have any concerns about appropriate attire, please contact us.

There is a single washroom that you can use to change, as a small studio we do not have public changerooms or showers available.

If you have your own mat, you can bring one or you can borrow one of ours for free (there is no rental charge for mats). If you wish to purchase a mat we have a variety of mats available at the boutique. Our mats & equipment are cleaned regularly but we do ask students to spray their mat down at the end of each class. You can bring a reusable water bottle (please no single use bottles for environmental reasons). There is a water canister in the studio as well as glasses if you don’t have a bottle, or to refill your own.

Limit what you eat beforehand. Leave at least two hours between a heavy meal and attending yoga class.

Yes, you may drink water during the class but limit your intake as a full stomach of water can feel uncomfortable in certain yoga poses. In order to reduce the use of plastics, we do have a filtered water container and glasses available or bring your own reusable water bottle.

You can find our current schedule HERE. The studio is open 15 minutes prior to and after a class. You can purchase items from the boutique at during these times or you can contact us at 705-549-1352 for a convenient time to arrange to come to the studio.

To save time when you arrive at the studio, we encourage students to purchase their pass online ahead of time (our online system Wellness Living, accepts credit cards only). We do accept cash, cheque, e-transfer, debit, mastercard or visa at the studio if you prefer not to, or are unable to, purchase a pass online for any reason.

Yes, you do need to register ahead of time for all classes. To register online just press the 'Registration' button on the class schedule next to your class of choice. Registration for workshops is necessary as well as for all classes.

You can register at anytime for classes that are on the schedule, up until the class start time, and you can pre-register for multiple classes for weeks in a row. We encourage you to register at least 24-48 hours in advance to ensure your spot as classes do occasionally fill up.

Classes are limited to 10 people. Summer outdoor classes have no maximum class size.

Log into your account and press “cancel” beside the class you are unable to attend

Please cancel your class at least one hour prior to the start of class.

You will be charged for the booked class if you do not cancel before the class start time. If you have a membership or a class pass, as per the terms and conditions of your purchase, you will be charged for the missed class. If you have a class pass, the missed class will be deducted from your pass with no refunds given. If you have a membership, you will be charged a $12 fee with your credit card that is on file.

We do not suggest that children under 16 attend regular yoga classes. If you would like to bring a child between the ages of 12-16 who is able to demonstrate the maturity of an adult, and can practice the class alongside the other participants, you are welcome to bring them at your discretion. Children of all ages are welcome to attend Yoga in the Park during the summer, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

If you've left something behind at the studio we'll place it in our Lost & Found box. You can ask us about it the next time you're in for class or take a look in our “Lost & Found” cubby. If the item is valuable to you and you prefer not to wait until your next visit, please contact us.

We care deeply about the environment and try to minimize our impact wherever we can. We use chemical-free cleaning, low energy initiatives, sustainable purchasing choices, we use towelettes in our washroom instead of paper towels, we have water glasses and encourage no use of plastic water bottles.

There is plenty of parking in the driveway. Since we are all leaving at the same time, you can park behind each other. Please be courteous if you are chatting after the class and you are the last car in the driveway. If you know that you need to leave early or immediately after the class for an appointment, there is additional parking at the arena or across the street on Murray St. Please be aware of any parking limitations in these two areas during winter.

Yes, we do have a bike rack that will accommodate up to 3 bicycles.

Our studio has radiant floor heating so that when you lie down you feel the warmth beneath you. We do have air conditioning during the hot summer months but we try to minimize how much we use the air conditioning and prefer to bring the fresh air in through the windows.